Kanoko Hashimoto was born in Kameoka, Japan in 1960 and studied at the art academies of Kyoto and Stuttgart. She came to Germany on a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and has received grants from the Art Foundation of Baden-Württemberg and the Cité des Arts, Paris.
She lives and works in Stuttgart.

Kanoko Hashimoto continuously explores the fluid boundaries between visualizations of humanity, nature and art. She has devoted herself over the years to a limited number of groups of works that allow her to pursue a depiction based on the world and representation with the aid of abstract, conceptual approaches. Central themes of her work include time and ephemerality, as well as the spatial and acoustical manifestations of life. Her conceptual series span painting, drawing, sound documents and light phenomena. Her respect for minimal and invisible emanations of the creatural hint at the responsibility of humanity for its world.