Anna Leader, born in 1979, lives and works in London and Locarno.

She graduated from the University in Brighton with BA honors in photography in 2002.

Over time Anna Leader has moved away from the depiction of people, previously a reoccurring theme in her work. The landscapes in her photographic work are reduced in their color and show them in situations where they have become shrouded in darkness, snow or fog. This obscuring and therefore lack of information gives a new significance to what remains, its role distorted by the fact that the only visible things lose any literal interpretation and therefore let loose the imagination of the viewer, in a way now making him the subject.

Anna Leader's work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Rolla Foundation (2014), exposure twelve, Berlin (2013), No Days Off, London (2011), Architectural Association, London (2010), The Printscape, London (2010), and La Rada, Locarno (2007).