Noa Gur White Noise I 2

Noa Gur, White Noise I, 2012, HD video from photos, sound, 25'', loop, video still

Noa Gur Gazing Back

Noa Gur, Untitled (Gazing Back), 2014, pastel on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm

Noa Gur Tears Go Black

Noa Gur, Tears Go Black, 2009, two channel video installation, colour, sound, 2'32''

In Tears Go Black a dropping outlet is projected onto a wall. It points to a fatal conjunction between water and electricity. Nearby is a projection of the flowing liquid. The liquid is slowly covering the projected floor. As the liquid flows, more and more of the neon lamp on the ceiling and the filmic space are reflected. While creating a tension between the elements of the film, the video points towards a general aspect of art when gradually disclosing its content.
9 Gur Ziehen 150dpi

Noa Gur, Ziehen, 2009, mixed media installation, one channel video, reflective band, 5'', looped 60'